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How To Sell More Wholesale Suits For Women Using A Specials Of The Day Offer

It’s early in the morning and it’s a sunny day in your New York wholesale showroom, and you are looking at an excellent assortment of brand name suits for women. You know that your African wholesale shoppers will love the beautiful selection of Jones New York Kasper suits that you have for sale.

And yes, you have your regular customers buying from you daily, but as any other wholesaler you would love to draw them into your warehouse on a more frequent basis.

Or maybe you are a retailer in Botswana catering towards bankers employed by the Standard Chartered Bank. It is a pleasant afternoon in Gaborone, but it is a day in which shopping is infrequent at your boutique.

So how do you draw in more buyers to your suit business, even on a traditionally slow day?

You use the strategy known as the Daily Special. This strategy consists of setting up a schedule of assorted special sales and offers, which you would rotate on a daily basis. The importance of having a daily special is that you will attract shoppers who are looking to see what the day’s special suit related offer is. This strategy can pull in many customers to your premises because they will know that on any given day they can expect to take advantage of an amazing opportunity at your shop.

This is very similar to the strategy that restaurants use when they want to draw in diners. By displaying a special every day on a chalkboard outside of their establishments they basically teach people that they will always be able to find an exciting dish or special culinary experience at a special discount inside.

The same idea applies to your boutique or warehouse. You want your Nigerian customers to know that they can always find an amazing bargain on the office outfits which you sell. And even if you are not offering an outright sale, there are other types of specials which you can offer the nice people of Lagos and Abuja.

How about having a daily offer through which you will tailor any Calvin Klein designer outfit the same day, or how about giving your customers a free matching Guess handbag with the purchase of any 3 Nine West elegant suits?

The offers that you can use to attract people to your shop are only limited by your imagination. One important tip that I would share with you is not to focus on simply running sales. If you are always discounting your prices, people might assume that your low prices are a reflection on the quality of the corporate brand name suits that you carry. This does not mean that you should not run a sale, but just use them sparingly.

If you are going to run a sale, make sure that you give your customers a valid reason for it. Valid reasons can include being overstocked with merchandise, having received a very large order, wanting to introduce a new designer to your clients, and having too many suits in a specific color.

Remember to make sure to match your specials to your clientele. If your clientele consists of government employees in Trinidad and Tobago, your special should reflect a need that they might have. Imagine if working people in Port of Spain aren’t familiar with Anne Klein, and you received a closeout shipment of designer labels including clothing by her label, well then you could run a special sale explaining that you are introducing a fashionable American brand name at a discount.

You can also offer a service related special. You can let your customers that know you will offer delivery, personal shopping, or even a free rain check service provided that they pick out their suits today.

You should always remember that for any of these ideas to maximize your business, you need to have the best brands at the prices that your customers can afford, which is why I have customers from all over the world ordering my department store overstock pallets and liquidation clothing lots.