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How To Sell More Wholesale Suits For Women Starting Today

You can ramp up your sales of wholesale suits for women starting today by implementing these tips. While you will want to adapt the tips to your particular customers, you can either apply them as is, or use them as inspiration to start selling more office, corporate, and Church suits.

Sales Tip #1

Run A Time Sensitive Sale

You are sitting in your store in downtown Lagos and are wondering how you can attract more Nigerian bankers to buy your Tahari office suits. How about running a limited time sale?

You can announce that for the next 3 days all your corporate designer suits are 25% off your regular retail price. This type of a sale can help you sell out your inventory, and help attract new customers to your suit store. While you might end up giving up profits which you would have earned in the regular course of running your business, you should easily make up for it by attracting new shoppers, who can become long term customers.

Sales Tip #2

Have A Closeout Discount Sale

Simply advertise a price reduction on your current inventory, but include a reason why you are having it, since you do not want shoppers to expect to buy your suits all the time at the reduced closeout price. You can also offer a discount on certain styles, colors, or brands only. For example, if your store is in Trinidad, and your customers aren't familiar with Nine West suits, you can advertise a special sale on them. Not only will you be able to move out the Nine West suits, but you will be introducing a new brand to shoppers in your Port Of Spain store.

Sales Tip #3

Market The Brands

Often you can stock really high end designer suits in your store, and although they are really fancy, people might not be familiar with the fashionable clothing that the designer produces. You will want to spend time educating your customers as to who the designer is, and why the clothing is so great. You can use any literature, including posters, that are produced by the brand. While almost every professional woman in Kenya has heard of Tahari and Calvin Klein, you might need to implement this strategy when selling lesser known brands such as Suit Studio and Le Suit.

Sales Tip #4

Focus On The Stars

Think of the reason why an executive at a bank in Botswana would want to wear a Tahari suit. I am sure you would agree with me that she wants to look and feel professional so that she can move up the corporate ladder. If you can show her how other successful business and media personalities wear your suits, she will be that much more interested in the corporate outfits you have for sale.