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How To Sell More Wholesale Brand Name Suits For Women

You can sell more wholesale brand name suits for women by understanding the market you are selling to. You first have to know why it is that your customers are purchasing the suits from you, and why they will be wearing them. For example, if your clientele consists of Nigerian bankers then you will need corporate suits that are suitable for an office environment. The key to succeeding in this market is to have a firm grasp of the needs of your customers and their fashion preferences.

1- What is the weather like in the region where your customers live? Are they living in a warm African climate or in a more tropical Caribbean climate? Keep in mind that there are regions in Africa that can experience a cold season so you will want to carry wholesale clothing that is appropriate for that weather.

2- What kind of suits do your customers need? Do they work in a professional environment and need office outfits or are they looking for clothing for religious occasions and need Church suits?

3- Which brands do your customers prefer? For example, my wholesale business receives requests for fashion by designer brands such as Tahari, Jones New York, Nine West, Kasper, and Calvin Klein. With the deep reach of the Internet and social media, and due to the high level of world travel, boutiques catering to women living all over the world, including in countries such as Nigeria, Trinidad, Lebanon, and the Bahamas, demand USA wholesale suits. If you want to capitalize on this trend you need to be able to source brand name clothing from wholesalers that can supply you with internationally recognized designer labels.

4- Be realistic about the price your shoppers can afford to pay. While you would be surprised at the price an accountant in South Africa will be able to afford for a brand new Tahari skirt suit, the rate which they can afford is still lower than shoppers in the United States can on average. This does not mean that there are not very wealthy professional women who are willing to buy the latest fashionable designer office wear it just means that on average their buying power might be lower than within the USA.

5- Try to focus on purchasing brand name overstock since by doing so you will be able to pay a lower wholesale price than if you were to purchase the clothing directly from the brand. The clothes you will be purchasing this way will be from a previous season but depending on your market they might not mind wearing a previous season’s styles provided that they are still stylish and fashionable. My liquidation showroom at Closeout Explosion supplies department store overstock to retailers, boutiques, and other types of resellers.