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Great Locations For Seling Wholesale Suits For Women

Selling wholesale suits for women is a lucrative business, especially if you have a list of places where you can sell them at a great price. The following list will give you some innovative locations from where you can sell wholesale women’s suits to an eager clientele of ready buyers.

Location #1
The lobby of an office building is a great location since the entire building is full of women who wear corporate suits, and therefore make eager costumers for your clothing. If you want to maximize your sales at an office building, whether it’s located in downtown Lagos or in the center of Mexico City, you need to carry the brands and styles that are popular locally. Some of the instantly recognizable and internationally popular brands for woman’s suits are Tahari, Jones New York, Kasper, Le Suit, Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, and Nine West. So how do you get to sell your wholesale apparel at the lobby? Make an appointment with the building manager, or the secretary of the CEO of the main corporate tenant, and explain your business to them. For example, if you want to set up a temporary table at an office building that houses the offices of Citibank in Nigeria, you can approach the bank, or the building that houses the bank, and give them a percentage of your sales, pay a set amount of rent, or offer to donate a portion of your sales proceeds to the charity of their choice. Another approach is to set up during lunch break at the actual offices of each company, this way you can focus more on serving the female employees of that company, than if you were trying to catch the attention of throngs of people. For example, if you want to sell suits to the employees of the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, you would want to approach their receptionist and ask to speak to a VP who handles special events.

Location #2
Another great place to sell wholesale corporate woman’s suits is at the reception area of a hotel.
Imagine the busy lobby of the Marriott Aruba or of the Wyndham Nassau Resort. Think of all the tourists and businesswomen travelling who would make ideal customers. People love shopping, especially when they are on a vacation. Secondly, people can leave a suit at home which they needed for an important meeting, and will now be especially happy that they can buy a suit from you without having to even leave their hotel.

There are many more great locations that ideal for selling suits, or for that matter woman’s clothing. The key to deciding if a location is suitable is to take a look at the people who spend time there, and see if they wear the type of clothing that you intend to sell.

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